Rear Cargo Storage and Subwoofer box

I’ve been working on a project to get my cargo space back while still retaining my subwoofer/amplifier as well as some extra storage space for the items I carry on a daily.

I didn’t like having to recline the back seats backwards to make a flat surface for some smaller items because there wasn’t any support for the back rest. So I went to the drawing board and search the .info forums for other cargo box mods out there. My first design was only about 5″ tall which allowed the back rest lay on for some support. Only thing is 5″ minus the thickness of the MDF… Not much room for a subwoofer or storage. I ended up going 9″ tall which works perfect when the rear seats are folded forward. Nice even surface for quick cargo space… Nuff of the talking, Hit the link below!

Rear Cargo Storage and Subwoofer box |



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