Looxcie HD – Unboxed

I WON!!! Looxcie has a giveaway they are currently promoting here (as of 05/29/2013). So I probably entered maybe 8-9 times and was about to say the hell with it, when I decided to give it one more go. Next morning I got a Facebook message from Looxcie saying I won the daily giveaway! Whoohooo! Well after about 3-4 weeks after, I finally got it in the mail.

I’ll add the pictures and a possible video of Unboxed in the coming weeks as time permits.

FYI, those of you that are wondering why only Android OS links to apps, well, I only own Android devices, nuff said.
[pb-app-box pname=’com.looxcie.looxcieapp.android’ name=’Looxcie’ theme=’dark’ lang=’en’]


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