Carry-On Traveler 0

Carry-On Traveler – Carry-On Traveler Above is the link to of my carry-on kit. I’ll update this post with more information, photos and reviews. here

[] Subwoofer Amplifier Install – #2 0

[] Subwoofer Amplifier Install – #2

Finally had a chance to relocate my amplifier under the passenger seat! click

Turn off the HTC Lock Screen Mealtime Recommendations 0

Turn off the HTC Lock Screen Mealtime Recommendations

UPDATE: It seams HTC moved and renamed the settings after an update. More information can be found on XDA to disable the ads. The new...


New Year 2015

New year! New Theme!!! 2014 has been a huge roller coaster, but I’d have to say it was one of the better ones! As 2015...


My Every Day Carry – EDC

Everyone has some form of Every Day Carry (EDC). Whether for convenience, for survival, or comfort, we all carry something on a daily basis.

For me, you can say its more gadget oriented gear I carry on a daily, but little by little the survival side is showing.

Read the full article to see what I carry!


My First Story – J-Rock Band

Another great Japanese Rock band I just recently found out about. They have a great sound, and if they remind you of a certain other...

HD Wallet 0

HD Wallet Review

I picked up an HD Wallet from a Kickstarter campaign that got funded last month. It just arrived so here is my photo dump with...