Turn off the HTC Lock Screen Mealtime Recommendations

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UPDATE: It seams HTC moved and renamed the settings after an update. More information can be found on XDA to disable the ads.

The new HTC Lock Screen app updated with a new “Mealtime Recommendations” feature. What it does is provide you with restaurant recommendation near you that looks like an advertisement of sorts. It will replace your entire lock screen wallpaper with an image and text asking if you would like to “try”. When clicking try, it will show you a nearby restaurant. This actually caught me by surprise, and of course like many, became aggravated that I was receiving advertisements on my lock screen (even after reading it on the “whats new” section on Google Play).

Below are the simple instructions to disable this feature.

How to turn off the Mealtime recommendations.

How to turn off the Mealtime recommendations.


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