Leap Motion

Finally after over a year of anticipation and waiting, I introduce to you, the Leap Motion!



The new insta-unboxing:


 “Leap Motion enhances the computing experience to allow people to do things in new and better ways, and we’re committed to breaking down the barriers between people and technology to make the future more easily accessible.” -Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald

Now for those that do not know about Leap Motion, this is the worlds first and most accurate 3D tracking for your computer. It can track hand and finger gestures in 3D space with pinpoint accuracy! It does take some (or a lot) of getting used to. You have access to an “App Store” through Airspace, where you can find a good handful of apps for both Windows and Mac.

Again, it does take some time getting used to this device. Finding the sweet spot for gestures and such. I can say, by the time you get the hang of things, your arms will be dead tired as mine was.


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