My Top 10 Android Apps – 2011

In no particular order. Here are my top 10 apps I use on a daily.

Springpad is the last notes type application you will ever need. This is the all in one mega notes app that has everything from, you guessed it, quick notes to recipes and even checklists. The great thing about it, is after a quick sign-up at, everything is saved between your phone and the web. You will never have to worry about loosing your notes when you reset your phone. Just re-download the app, sign-in and watch your device re-sync all your precious saves. If you’re sitting in front of the computer, login to and you have access to all your notes right there on your web browser.

Pulse news is a great RSS reader with minimal design and ease of use.

Custom Vibration Alerts and soon to be LED Alerts.

Picasa Tool
This is a great app to upload your videos/photos to picasa. You can also manage your albums from this app as well.

Rescan Media
With this app, you can quickly re-scan your media files from your SD card. If you were to download an image from the net or mms, and went to view it in your gallery app, there will be times where it would not show because Android hasn’t re-scanned your SD.
Root Explorer

SMS Backup+
Great app to backup/restore your SMS/MMS conversation to/from your gmail account. Never loose an SMS again with this app. This app is also capable of saving your call log to your Google calender!

An awesome desktop music player that’s been around for years has finally made its way to Android. A great music app all around.

Skyfire is a fast web browser that is capable of playing flash videos. Great if you have a phone that is not compatible with the official Flash player.

Camera360 Ultimate
Great Camera app with a lot of features, a good “alternative” to the iphone Instagram app with a lot of filters and effects to choose from.


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