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My First Story – J-Rock Band

Another great Japanese Rock band I just recently found out about. They have a great sound, and if they remind you of a certain other...

Is Japan Cool? OKINAWA 0

Is Japan Cool? OKINAWA

Part of the ANA (All Nippon Airline) Commercials, Is Japan Cool? Okinawa shows us some of the beautiful sides of the island. For those that lived there in the past, be prepared to be “home” sick.


One Ok Rock – J-Rock Band

Just recently found this Japanese Band. They got quite a few great songs, even found that they had a few songs on some anime openings/endings. Check em out!

Kimi no Iru Machi Anime to start in July! 0

Kimi no Iru Machi Anime to start in July!

I’ve been reading the manga for a long time now. It has to be one of my favorites! Lets just hope they can portray the characters the way they are in the manga.


Otsuka Ai – Kingyo Hanabi Karaoke Version

In an attempt to learn the Japanese language, and to have a better understanding of what one of my favorite Japanese Singers is saying in her songs, I broke out my Japanese translation dictionary and dusted it off. I had translated it using the RĊmaji translations of the lyrics found anywhere online. It took me a good week getting the hang of things before a had my rough draft of the translated lyrics. If you ever watched Star Wars(who hasn’t?!), Jedi Yoda (the small green guy) speaks in this broken English that doesn’t make much sense to some. Well, that’s exactly how it looked when I completed the translation.