Google Android OS Addiction

I’ve been highly interested in the Android OS since leaks have been dropped on the internet. When it was finally announced and the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) was open for preorder, I jumped ship from my previous mobile provider just so I can pre-order the device on T-Mobile. The Dream was just the beginning for me. Now, I don’t have a collection as large as a lot of other people out there. I’m one of those that will scope out every device as they come out and wait for the right one, for me that is. Of course it would be subjective to your own tastes and likes. So here is my list of devices I’ve used or am still using that pertain to Google Android OS and Chrome OS with the latest on top. Don’t forget that you can get any of these online, if you are lucky enough you may also find a coupon code to use. Visit here for more details.

UPDATED 09/28/2014

Gadget Moto 360 Android Wear Smartwatch

Phone HTC One M8 (T-Mobile)

Gadget Chromecast

Phone HTC One M7 (T-Mobile)

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ SGH-T849 (T-Mobile) [retired]

Tablet Amazon Kindle Fire (OG)

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ SPH-P100 (Sprint) [sold]

Phone HTC Sensation 4G (T-Mobile) [retired]

Phone LG G2X (T-Mobile) [sold]

Phone HTC Dream G1 (T-Mobile) [retired]

Now I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore techie, but I do know my way around. I’ve followed Android since its public announcement and immediately got hooked. My first “smart” phone was actually a Palm Treo 600. Now I know there has been other PDA phones out there before the 600, but this was my first major purchase that got me hooked. From there I upgraded to the Treo 650 and then to the Treo 680. I held on to the 680 until the pre-order of the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1).

Although the G1 and Android had a bunch of quirks and unfortunately turned a lot of people off for Android, I stuck it out. I learned how to root the device and flash the latest AOSP (Android Open Source Project) roms and watched as Android grew. Finally it was time for me to upgrade, so I picked up the HTC Sensation 4G. Now, HTC has their own OS overlay called Sense. I liked it and kept it for a few months, before I decided that I wanted Vanilla Android back. So of course, I rooted it, flashed the latest version of CyanogenMod Rom and again, after every update, watched Android grow. At the same time, I got my hands on the T-Mobile G2x made by LG. Plagued with bugs, I almost immediately rooted the device. That alone wasn’t enough, so I sold it. I eventually picked up the HTC One M7 when it was released and I’d have to say, I was pretty surprised out how much of HTC Sense has been pulled back, especially if you want to compare it to the Sensation 4G, I’d say its a difference of night and day. The hardware wasn’t top of the line, but it was pretty damn good and how about them front facing speakers!?! Now the rear 4 “Ultrapixel” camera of course is open for interpretation. Some like it, some don’t. As for me, I’m in between. It has great night shots, but at the end of the day. It’s still technically a 4 megapixel camera. Fast forward a year later, and you now have the HTC One M8. Yup, you guessed it, I had to have it, so I bought it. Again great hardware, but there is that 4 Ultrapixel camera again. Not even an 8 Ultrapixel upgrade.


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