Carry-On Traveler 0

Carry-On Traveler – Carry-On Traveler Above is the link to of my carry-on kit. I’ll update this post with more information, photos and reviews.


New Year 2015

New year! New Theme!!! 2014 has been a huge roller coaster, but I’d have to say it was one of the better ones! As 2015...


My Every Day Carry – EDC

Everyone has some form of Every Day Carry (EDC). Whether for convenience, for survival, or comfort, we all carry something on a daily basis.

For me, you can say its more gadget oriented gear I carry on a daily, but little by little the survival side is showing.

Read the full article to see what I carry!


My First Story – J-Rock Band

Another great Japanese Rock band I just recently found out about. They have a great sound, and if they remind you of a certain other...

HD Wallet 0

HD Wallet Review

I picked up an HD Wallet from a Kickstarter campaign that got funded last month. It just arrived so here is my photo dump with...